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Mostly an assortment of photos, writings, and other ramblings of my own creation,
as well as a handful of others' photos and writings thrown in the mix here and there.

Motto for all those working in animal care and conservation fields (via thejunglenook)

That includes a measly ol’ barn worker such as myself, who holds responsibility for the horses and mules that I am paid to feed, care for, and clean up after. Sadly, not all people realize the truth in this statement.

(via itsybitsyvetstudent)


Folks, one of the best music fests in the USA is going down this weekend: Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion.

And dang it, I’m missing it - but this mod-ren world lets us watch from our devices. The fest has streams of two stages, which’ll feature the likes of Emmylou Harris, Chuck Mead and Sturgill Simpson. Heck, I’m watching Willie Watson right now.Β 

Good week/end to be a fan of country music.